BPI DRAFTS camp consists of 3 levels


Level 1
The goal of this camp is to help teenage boys, ages 14 to 19, understand the core values of life, develop their character, gain experience, appreciate teamwork and understand their calling. During the camp we look at topics like - What is manhood and how did God design it? How can you strengthen your character? How can you be a man who impacts others? And how can you understand your calling? Campers do different tasks that help them better understand and practice the things that they hear. The camp is led by experienced leaders, pastors, and fathers.


Level 2
Participants in the second level are those who have finished the first level. At this camp, the young men put into practice the knowledge they gained in the first level. After theoretical training, they participate in a practicum at a church or in a place where a church is being planted. At the camp, these young men learn how to take responsibility, work as a team, serve in practical ways, and organize projects. Second-level participants are divided into teams which are led by those in the third level.


Level 3
Young men who have demonstrated leadership skills and potential in previous camps are invited to this level. Participants have to be ready to lead a 3 to 5 person team which is made up of participants from the second level. These participants come to the camp two days before second-level participants. During those days, they are equipped with training on how to lead a team, how to communicate with a team, how to solve conflicts in a team and etc.