18- 22 of July 2022, at the campsite “Ganības” in Latvia 

Apply by March 30, 2022.  

Baltic Pastoral Institute (BPI) has been successfully organizing BPI DRAFTS camps for young men, age 14-19, since 2009. Originally BPI DRAFTS grew out of our understanding that the  Church in Latvia, the Baltics and beyond needs men who live godly lives, have grasped God's calling for their lives, are ready to take responsibility and lead their families and local churches.  However, one does not become such a person overnight. Researchers claim that the time between age of 14 and 19 is decisive in a young man's life. During this period, his identity is formed, he starts becoming a man and is searching for his calling and place in this world. We believe that the investment into the future leaders and pastors should start during their teenage years when important choices are made, and the character of a man is formed in significant ways.  

The goal of BPI DRAFTS camps is to help young men understand the Gospel, develop their character, grasp their calling, as well as to catch the vision and excitement about church ministry and church planting.  

The foundational principle of BPI DRAFTS is “learning by experiencing”. It means that participants come to know and test their understanding in various practical assignments.  Also, their performance is assessed in the light of the knowledge and understanding they have gained.  

When selecting participants for BPI DRAFTS camps, We are not looking for those who are perfect but for those who are called. We are not looking for those who are comfortable but those who are courageous. We are not looking for “know it all's” but rather for the responsible ones. We are not looking for the “senders” but rather for those who are ready to be sent.

We recognize that God has blessed us by helping develop something unique, necessary and helpful to Latvia's churches and young men. As we have been attempting to explain BPI  DRAFTS concept and program to our friends and partners in other countries, we have come to realize that it is not possible to explain BPI DRAFTS, it must be experienced.  


When: July 18 - 22, 2022  

Where: campsite “Ganības” in Uzava (25 km from Ventspils, 200 km from Riga). 


1. BPI DRAFTS INTERNATIONAL experience is intended only for young men, not women.  

2. Young men, age 14-19, are welcome to apply. We accept no more than 10 participants  from one country.  

3. We invite also the leaders related to youth ministry, church planting, student ministry or  other organization which focuses on developing young leaders. You should also be  interested in using the BPI DRAFTS concept in the context of your country, church and  organization, and/ or in developing your local version of it.  


1. An amazing experience with a variety of engaging and challenging activities.  

2. Training for leaders, including program and explanation of our approach and values.  

3. Well-spent time with young people from different countries.  

4. An opportunity to enjoy the great beach of the Baltic Sea.  

5. Three meals per day.  

6. Good quality accommodation.  


● The full cost of BPI DRAFTS INTERNATIONAL experience is 150 EUR (170 USD) per  person. 
● For the Eastern Europe participants, the cost is 120 EUR (135 USD) per person.
● The cost includes camp expenses. It does not include travel expenses to Latvia.